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Designer Sunglasses

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  • Top tips for the perfect barbecue

    For those keen barbecuers out there did you realise the charcoal used changes the way the food tastes, Lumpwood charcoal is recommended to give the best flavour because of its natural scent when...
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  • Wimbledon Wins!

    Hopefully by now you have consumed enough cream and strawberries to last you a lifetime watching Murray and Nadal battle it out from the comfort of your own home or positioned on the side-lines at...
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  • Festival Features

    Not only is Glastonbury famous for its music line up including the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Craig David and Katty Perry; it also hosts a star studded audience such as the Beckhams, Alexa Chung and so...
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  • Father’s Day Favourites

    Top picks for dad Is your dad the type to go mountain biking on the weekends in his spare time? Does he have a love for running potentially having completed a half marathon or two? If so we suggest...
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  • The Wonderful World of Marc Jacobs

    Mention Marc Jacobs and people everywhere think, “fashion design at its most creative and exciting.” Like his world-famous clothing lines, both Marc Jacob sunglasses and the whole line-up of...
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  • Quality Ralph Lauren Sunglasses Since the 70′s

    Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of the most successful and talented fashion designers to come out of America for decades. This is clearly highlighted with just one glance at his unmistakable and...
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  • Carrera Metallic Champions

    Carrera are always producing fantastic sunglasses collections for both men and women. Being a trusted eyewear brand, every sunglasses lover owns a pair of Carrera sunglasses in his or her...
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  • Showstoppers

    BVLGARI Bvlgari is certainly the one brand which creates fantastic statement eyewear for women. Many of our customers purchase a pair of sunglasses from our Bvlgari range to surprise the lucky...
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  • 5 top tips to maintain good eyesight and keep your eyes healthy

    The one thing that every single person in the world takes for granted the most is their eyes. We hardly ever think about them, and sometimes we forget that some of the things we do in our everyday...
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  • Who would you vote for? – Sunglasses Manifesto

    Gucci - A contemporary and luxurious brand promising the ultimate stylish accessory. - A glorious tortoise yellow colouring to get you through those dark and dreary days, trustworthy for any...
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  • A woman’s guide to getting summer ready

    Summer tick list: - Remove winter duvet and swap for lower tog to limit sweating in the night. - Change over to your summer wardrobe keeping back the occasional jumper and rain coat for those...
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  • Perfect Prada

    Prada was established in 1913 and has grown to be one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses. It began as a store selling luxuriously crafted luggage, accessories and fine materials all...
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  • Mirror mirror on the eye...

    Colourful mirrored lenses have dominated the summer eyewear collections.  The vast range of rainbow colours are found amongst all designer brands. From Gucci, Marc By Marc Jacobs to Carrera and...
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  • Posh Spice Sunglasses Confession

    The world renowned former popstar and fashion icon Victoria Beckham has recently divulged the real reason for always having a pair of sunglasses on hand. Rarely pictured without them Beckham claims...
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  • What is hot right now – Ray-Ban

    The brand speaks for itself, I am sure I do not need to persuade you that it has been desirably influential in the optical industry being seen on a multitude of celebrities such as Tom Cruise,...
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