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Guide to Sunglasses

Here is your survival guide to keep sunglasses safe and make the most out of your purchase.
  • Festival Features

    Not only is Glastonbury famous for its music line up including the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Craig David and Katty Perry; it also hosts a star studded audience such as the Beckhams, Alexa Chung and so...
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  • Father’s Day Favourites

    Top picks for dad Is your dad the type to go mountain biking on the weekends in his spare time? Does he have a love for running potentially having completed a half marathon or two? If so we suggest...
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  • Quality Ralph Lauren Sunglasses Since the 70′s

    Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of the most successful and talented fashion designers to come out of America for decades. This is clearly highlighted with just one glance at his unmistakable and...
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  • 5 top tips to maintain good eyesight and keep your eyes healthy

    The one thing that every single person in the world takes for granted the most is their eyes. We hardly ever think about them, and sometimes we forget that some of the things we do in our everyday...
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  • What is hot right now – Ray-Ban

    The brand speaks for itself, I am sure I do not need to persuade you that it has been desirably influential in the optical industry being seen on a multitude of celebrities such as Tom Cruise,...
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  • Sunglasses Broken? Not A Problem!

    Arms If one or both of the arms have unhinged you could simply opt for the masking tape or super glue options but I fear these are both pre-war solutions. But fear not, if any of the screws have...
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  • The Beginners Guide to Sunglasses

    The purpose of this post is to give you an insight into how you should get the most out of your sunglasses without mistreating them. Cleaning Gently rub the lenses using warm soapy water to remove...
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  • How many sunglasses does a person need?

    I asked my family and group of friends this exact question and after heated discussions we came to the conclusion that everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect sunglass collection. A few...
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  • The Evolution of Sunglasses

    A primitive form of sunglasses first appeared in the cold icy arctic circle where the indigenous population carved oval shaped discs out of walrus ivory, flattened them and had slits centrally cut...
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  • Finishing School for Sunglasses Addicts

    Calling all sunglass lovers out there, trust me when I say I adore my sunglasses and parting with them can be like leaving your wallet behind on the boxing day sales. Having said this there is a time...
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  • Winter is coming : Get your sunglasses attitude on!

    If sunglasses are your most loved fashion accessory and you are simply crazy about them, this the time to get your sunglasses attitude on as - Winter is coming! You aren’t winter ready till you...
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  • How to Innovatively Store Your Favourite Sunglasses

    So, you have got this amazing collection of sunglasses that has become too overwhelming to handle? Rather than dumping your sunglasses in those boring sunglasses cases, make them a part of your...
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  • The High-End Brand for Those Who Love Fashion : GUCCI

    The high-end luxury brand Gucci has been the favourite of all the fashion lovers around the globe. Gucci has always been famous for their eyewear collection and many Hollywood celebrities are...
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  • Which sunglasses would suit your favourite Pixar Characters

    Pixar Animation Studios is known for making surprisingly bold storytelling choices in its movies. This is the prime reason it is enjoyed by people around the globe and of all age groups. We know you...
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  • The Trendiest Men's Sunglasses Right Now

    Sunglasses are a man's perfect companion. Whether it is a winter morning or a bright summery day, sunglasses always give you the right everyday look. All you have to do is find the fit for yourself....
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