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How to choose the right sunglasses?

We all can relate to the struggle of choosing the right eyewear that complements our face. Though there are a variety of frames available in the market, it becomes a tedious task to try them on. Some frames are too big, some are too small and some that fit you perfectly, aren't in style. The struggle is real! Rather than just giving up or compromising over style, let our experts help you in finding your perfect match!

All you have to do is know your face structure. Your face structure decides what kind of frame will suit you the most. Here we are listing the most common face structures and their suitable eyewear shapes:


1. The heart face:

High cheekbones and a narrow chin are the distinguishing features of a heart shape face. With a broad forehead, they have a pointed chin that resembles a heart. To highlight the chin and minimize the attention on the forehead, look for wider frames with slight detailing on the lower half. If you have such a face type, aviators are your best friend. There are a variety of aviators available in the market and, we suggest you to go for the most rounded ones that fit your face. Avoid over-sized aviators as they might look overpowering.

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2. The oval face:

People with oval face structures are one of the luckiest when choosing a frame. There balanced features give them the option to experiment their looks. With those almost perfect cheekbones and a narrow forehead, frames of different shapes and sizes look equally good. Almost all kind of frames go with an oval face whether over-sized or not. But, you need to pay special attention to the width of the frame as that can be a factor that creates a difference. Make sure that there is some gap between your sunglasses and temples to avoid any discomforts. It is recommended that you should choose frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. You can go all retro with a classy cat-eye frame or look sophisticated in a rectangular frame. Trust us, you are the ones who can experiment the most!

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3. The square face:

With their small forehead, angular features, and a strong jawline, the square face people need a balanced look when it comes to their sunglasses. Many actors and actresses have this face shape, as the angular bone structure looks amazing on camera. The prominent jawline is one of the most distinguishing features of the face that gives the face dimensions. To cut the edges of a square face, choose something that highlights the curves of your face. For their frames, they can opt for rounded cat eye or oval shaped frames as they look quite flattering on people with broad features. Thinner frames in neutral colors will look great on these face structures.

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4. The round face:

People with a round face have a wide forehead, fuller cheeks and no angular dimensions to their face. So, you need a frame that adds contrast and gives a definition rather than adding up to the roundness. To make your face look slimmer and sharper, go for rectangular frames that are wider than they are tall. Rectangular frames make sure that your face gets soft angles that help your face look longer. Look for sunglasses that have strong detailing specifically on the brow area as they bring out the best features. Also, choose frames that come with nose pads that uplift the eyewear from your cheeks.

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When you are choosing a frame, all you need to do is add contrast. Experimenting with sunglasses can be fun than tedious if you apply this simple trick!

So, gear up with new accessories and find the perfect frame that flatters your face shape the most. At Blaze, you can find an extensive range of stylish frames from the leading brands like GUCCI, BVLGARI, BOSS, PRADA, RALPH LAUREN, NIKE, MICHAEL KORS, MARC JACOBS, DIOR and much more. Get connected with us to check out our collection!


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