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Jeremy Piven wearing aviator sunglasses by carrera

Jeremy Piven Wearing sunglasses on the beach

Entourage TV star Jeremy Piven was pictured in stunning Cabo San Lucas looking relaxed and enjoying himself to the max as he strolled along the golden sandy beach in the sweltering heat of the sun.

The American actor accessorised his denim shorts and his denim shorts only, with a black cap, bracelets, a leather necklace and a extremely stylish pair of black sporty aviator sunglasses which added an effortlessly cool touch to his, well basic outfit.

Aviator sunglasses have been around for years and are one of the most popular and most bought styles of sunglasses in history. The simply yet effective shape has the potential to glam up any outfit and give it that statement to ensure that you stand out.

Aviator sunglasses were originally developed for pilots in 1936 to protect their eyes whilst flying and they soon became a hit all around the world. Because of the huge demand for the newly popular style, Ray-Ban created a collection of aviators for the public the following year and since then, their loyal fans have never looked back!

Last week, we spotted Jeremy Piven wearing an urban-inspired pair of Carrera turbo black sunglasses which we have in stock and are currently on sale here at Blaze for just £89.95. With large, black tinted lenses and sophisticated thin rims, it's not hard to work out why Jeremy decided to wear these shades to look stylish on his holidays.

Carrera sunglasses are all about cutting-edge design and a contemporary style. This first became apparent in 1956 when a collection was developed for motor sport athletes to wear when performing. The brand became incredibly famous when it collaborated with Porsche showing their wide knowledge on racing sunglasses for drivers in the spotlight.

We have an extensive collection of Carrera Sunglasses of all different colours, shapes and sizes and also a cool range of aviator sunglasses featuring hot designs from their creators Ray-Ban.


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