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Lady Gaga wears quirky Tea Shades in New York

Lady GaGa wearing round tea sunglasses

When anyone thinks of quirky, unusual and frankly crazy fashion, Lady Gaga usually springs to mind. The Born This Way singer is certainly not one to shy away from some of the bravest accessories she can find.

However, we have noticed that recently Gaga seems to have toned down the craziness and has been pictured a few times looking, well, normal-ish. She has swapped layers of meat for glamorous evening dresses, brightly coloured wigs for glossy blonde locks, and extremely odd head pieces for stylish hats.

Lady Gaga was pictured in her home city New York on Saturday, getting ready to perform alongside famous British band The Rolling Stones in Brooklyn. Her usual wacky sense of style could still be seen in her outfit but she certainly looked a lot more demure and sophisticated. The gothic outfit that she sported consisted of a floor length open-fronted black dress which had a white blouse underneath with a black scarf tied around the collar. Gaga accessorised her outfit with her usual essential items, a pair of towering black heels, a wide black hat and a pair of vintage Tea Shade Sunglasses which added that quirky touch to her look.


Tea Shade Sunglasses, otherwise known as round sunglasses or John Lennon Sunglasses, were made famous back in the mid-sixties when they were Beatle’s star John Lennon’s favourite fashion accessory. As the British boy band had such a huge fan base, it was not long before the round sunnies were famous and renowned all over the word for their ‘different’ look which really was the essence of cool.

Tea Shades usually have softly tinted surrounded by thick or thin lenses and sometimes detailing on the arms. Nowadays, Tea Shades have evolved drastically and exaggerated frames, brightly coloured and patterned designs are commonly found in many designer eyewear collections. Other stars such as Pop Queen Beyonce Knowles, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Noel Galagher are often pictured wearing the iconic style.

Here at Blaze, we have an extensive range of Tea Shade sunglasses at extremely competitive prices. Our exciting range includes models from top designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Persol and their creators Ray-Ban.

Relive the sixties with a pair of highly sought after Tea Shade sunglasses which really will never go out of fashion due to the fact that they can easily create the hottest, vintage fashion statement no matter what outfit they are accessorising.


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