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Oakley's Prized Prizm

The Prizm lens is one of our biggest sellers and feature within the most popular models amongst the Oakley ski goggle collection. The Prizm lens specialises in the restoration of a highly defined view, zooming in on colour and darkening the hazards on the slopes. Casting shadows and creating depth, the Prizm lens are the ultimate kings of the ski goggles. Being the latest Oakley technology, the Prizm ski goggles are this season's must-have eyewear for the adventure of a lifetime. Yearning to create memories of your time on the slopes, Oakley has spent years perfecting their colour science research in order to provide you with the industry's very best goggles.

Offering you a fresh 2015 approach to snow ski goggles, the Prizm lens appears in three different colour variations, including Black Iridium, Rose and Jade Iridium. Black Iridium reduces a large amount of light so it's best suited to a bright sunny day. The Rose provides the best coverage on an overcast environment whereas Jade Iridium is suited to both sunny and cloudy days. The Prizm lens is a perfect addition to your sports equipment and guarantees to bring drama to your visual.


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