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Our Prada Sport Favourites

Summer. An often day dream worthy combination of bright nights, warm weather, and the promise of lazy afternoons in the sun-an idealistic combination for most to relax and take it easy, but for others, an opportunity to marvel at some of the seasons most iconic sporting events.

From the frantic scenes of the Tour de France, to the traditional British pomp of Wimbledon, summer is inspired by some of the world’s most iconic sporting spectacles.

Whether you’re participating or sitting in the stands looking on, there is no doubt that the coming season’s sport will be impossible to escape, as its influence sweeps through everything, including some of the summer’s key fashion pieces.

With sunglasses being an obvious necessity for the brighter months, a sporting inspiration is evident in a majority of styles- however, one brand in particular are set to revel in their original mission to blend fashion and athletic styling with the approaching sporting calendar.

Prada Sport sunglasses keep the infamous Italian fashion houses chic premium aesthetic alive, whilst delivering a clear cut vision of luxurious athletic styling that comes from the label’s Prada Linea Rossa line.

With clean, sweeping lines, selective colour ways and instantly recognizable styling that comes courtesy of the Prada sport red tab logo, sunglasses from the Prada Linea Rossa allow for an athletic inspired style in your everyday looks.

Take a look at these select frames, chosen for their perfect balance of high fashion and sporting aesthetics:

Prada Sport PS04PS Matte Black Polarised

Packed full of intimate details and intricate touches, these men’s Prada Sport sunglasses carry the typical wrap around style of traditional sporting eyewear. The high performance of these frames continues with the use of a polarised lens, which holds the ability to absorb any light that is reflected off any surfaces, giving the wearer unimpeded vision in even the trickiest of light conditions. Touches of luxurious design follow on seamlessly from the sporting side of these frames, with a sleek two-tone colour supplying a strong contrast between the arms and the front of the frame. Finished by the unmissable red Prada Sport tab logo on the arms, these sunglasses offer a slightly deeper frame shape, providing an extra touch of premium styling.

Prada Sport PS01LS Black Red Mirror Sunglasses

With seriously menacing styling, these Prada Sport sunglasses perfectly balance a typically luxurious all black colour with brightly coloured mirrored lenses, which are indicative of classic sporting eyewear. A wrap around frame provides a sleek, snug fit, whilst chunkier arms offer a great level of protection for the wearer’s eyes. Red-mirrored lenses offer a fashion forward look that is highly rated on this coming season’s trend list, whilst the red Prada tab logo offers a nod to these frames premium roots.

Prada Sport PS03PS Matte White Dual Lens Sunglasses

Striking style comes easy with these men’s Prada Sport sunglasses. Featuring a crisp white frame colour, their split lens style still affords a wrap around style, resulting in them keeping their sport inspired look, despite their split lens design. With insatiable design that is a clear product of the Prada fashion house, these sunglasses contrast premium elegance with sporting ability in a truly sophisticated manner.

Prada Sport PS01NS Demi Shiny Black Transparent Sunglasses

Dark colours have often been the trademarks of luxurious sunglasses, and these frames by Prada Sport are no different. With a two-tone affect that features a sleek black at the top of the frame that fades down to transparent grey, these sunglasses carry a truly unique style. Grey lenses continue the tonal look of these unmissable sunglasses, whilst the bright red Prada tab logo contrasts against the dark frame, ensuring that these sunglasses are an unmistakable piece of design.

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