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Award-winning sunglasses

We are the midst of the awards season and the red carpet is littered with robes from the greatest fashion houses. So far, we've encountered the stars at the Oscar Luncheon, BAFTAs and Grammy Awards and their glamorous styles. With Spring 2015 on its way, sunglasses will be making a fabulous comeback to the wardrobe. Time to explore what's trending...


Pictured: Both Lea Seydoux and Rita Ora wearing Prada 

Prada has retro coolness merged with stylish glamour to immediately identify the brand on the streets. Shown on Seydoux and Ora, Prada teaches the fashionistas to be both brave with colour and experiment with textures. The customers certainly have the hots for Prada sunglasses this Spring. The simple yet elegant lines give the sunglasses an unusual frame shape and satisfy sunglasses lovers who wish to invest in a great pair of sunglasses. The attraction towards Prada sunglasses is that they can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. Prada continues to display its ability to give both men and women a defined power play with their wardrobe.


Pictured: Christine Teigen and Millie Mackintosh wearing Gucci

Gucci deals with sophistication and elegance with no frills or spills. It transforms the very seductive and melts the modern fashionable twists within a single garment. Shown on Teigen and Mackintosh, Gucci teases the feminine form and creates a daring challenge to expose and cover. Customers rely upon Gucci and their luxurious tastes to create practical and stylish eyewear. Also, the feeling of wearing Gucci always makes you want to flaunt the Gucci style and your newly found confidence gives you immediate fashion rankings. Gucci simply caters to those who wish to impress on those special occasions. 


Pictured: Jimmy Choo's Instagram spotted their shoes amongst the stars on BAFTA

Known for its glamorous shoes, Jimmy Choo graces the red carpet all year round, creating an international reputation for fashion brilliance. Jimmy Choo always caters to those who need that touch of sparkle, glitter, glitz and glam to their outfits. Inspired by their shoe designs, their accessories are the ultimate style icons. Jimmy Choo has always held Hollywood's elite in high regard and will constantly create some stunning collections for all to enjoy. Their sunglasses are no different! Jimmy Choo's oversized frames, with quirky patterns, will give you instant access to the star's wardrobe.



Pictured: Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch (with Sophie Hunter) wearing Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has this deadly status upon the fashion industry and its aim is always to shock those onlookers with its twists on devil's beauty. Although Hiddleston and Cumberbatch show McQueen's sophisticated masculine style, McQueen focuses on colours and designs which aren't usually praised. Within their eyewear collection, the skulled black and blood red frames are always a customer favourite and bears the stake of powerful fashion trumps, thanks to its their recognisable icon. Alexander McQueen will continue to be favoured by many stars, and even royalty, it is no wonder why everyone wants to own their piece of McQueen.



Pictured: Ne Yo and Courteney Cox wearing Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has an unusual style which can't be categorised. It has an urban chic, but combined with a playful youthful innocence. Marc Jacobs wants to recognised for its progression in the fashion industry, taking brave steps forward and subtle steps back into the history books. Shown by NeYo and Cox, the brand plays with the modern vibes and enjoys in experimental. With bold shapes, patterns and textures, the Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection has a fantastic array of choice for the curious sunglasses' lover. The brand provides to those who want to conform and express so Marc Jacobs is always a good place to start to seek inspiration.    


Pictured: Felicity Jones and Marion Cotillard wearing Dior 

Dior captures the beautiful butterfly of destiny and believes in the positives. Shown by Jones and Cotillard, Dior responds to the modernity and constantly themes itself in the marvellous and wonderful. The brand lives for colour and introduces unique patterns for both masculine and feminine forms. It rejoices the life out there and plans to brighten up the fashion industry with mystery and spellbinding designs. Dior's sunglasses collection has made a heartwarming presence in many customer baskets and their exquisite tastes will always yearn for a touch of Dior glamour. 


Pictured: Eddie Redmayne and Sam Smith wearing Armani

Armani dressed the award-winning men of the night, Redmayne and Smith, because they all shared something in common: they are the ones to watch! Armani certainly has the craftsman's upper hand when it comes to the fashion stakes. It prides itself on sophisticated designs by introducing their love of true vintage with modern popularity. Armani has an international reputation and has been praised on its true stylish spirit.  

Explore the fashion houses and their sunglasses' collection with us today...

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