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Serengeti: The World's Finest Driving Sunglass

Serengeti Sunglasses at Blaze

Standing on the forefront of technological advancement, American sunglass developer Serengeti make sunglasses like no other brand in the world. Becoming the creators of the finest driving sunglasses in the world, the Serengeti brand pertains to much more than just superior quality frames and lenses. Serengeti want your experience in their sunglasses to become an adventure, and a journey of discovery. This spirit is carried through the purpose of their advanced technologies, as they strive to create the ultimate sunglass that will reduce fatigue that exposure to the sun can bring upon the eye.

This, coupled with their obsession for testing their innovations out on the open road on iconic landmark routes across the world, result in a sunglass that stands miles apart from any competition in the race to become the most complete frame on the market. Serengeti are pioneers in sunglass and lens technology. They make two types of lenses for their sunglasses, made of either glass or polar HD materials-an award winning, super lightweight lens designed solely by Serengeti. No matter what lens you opt for, they all contain the real pieces of innovation that lie at the heart of Serengeti’s creative and highly sought after talents.

The first of these innovative Serengeti technologies is Photochromic technology. Lying in every Serengeti lens, Photochromic technology helps your eyes adapt to the environment, no matter how bright or dull the light levels are. By embedding molecules into the lens which are designed to be constantly adapting to any change in levels of light, your eyes can maintain focus on where ever you’re going, and the open road ahead.

Lenses made by Serengeti also house a piece of technology called Spectral Control, which helps to manage the colours you’ll see, spread through the visible light spectrum. Spectral Control almost puts your view into HD, allowing for colour enhancement, and extra contrast in the tones and shades of colour you see. Ultimately, this technology gives you control over the light that filters down to your eye, giving you crystal clear vision and sharper images. It also helps to filter out blue light which can distract your vision and fatigue your eyes.

Mens Serengeti Sunglasses at Blaze

On top of these light filtering lenses, Serengeti also use polarization on their lenses. Polarized lenses help to reduce the amount of glare being reflected off of a multitude of surfaces. These can include anything from the road you’re driving on, to water that you’re going past. This helps to reduce any distraction to the eye and allows you to concentrate on where you’re going. Although Serengeti are never going to be a groundbreaking fashion statement, they are always going to make serious headway in the world of sunglass technology.

Unrivalled in the level of quality that they deliver not only through their frames, but also through their lenses, Serengeti can take huge pride in the way they have been compared to sunglass giants Oakley in terms of quality and development.

We love Serengeti sunglasses, and think that they live up to their claim to being the best driving sunglass in the world, thanks to the pure quality behind their lenses and frames. They do everything that every other sunglasses brand does-from blocking out harmful UV rays, to reducing glare through polarized lenses. However, where they stand out is the next step they take.

Not content with just matching other sunglasses producers, Serengeti have gone on to offer even more advancement through their Photochromic lenses. Looking through a pair of Serengeti sunglasses, images become sharper, colours are more vivid, and the eyes are more focused. Couple this with the fact that their lenses surpass all known minimum safety requirements for sunglasses, and then go on to offer a reduced fatiguing effect on the wearers eyes, and it is safe to say that Serengeti offer the complete sunglass to anyone who does a lot of driving, or just wants to get their hands on a real pair of high quality sunglasses.

Womens Serengeti Sunglasses at Blaze

With styles that range from lightweight, thin wrap around glasses that house a sporty element, to chunkier styles that offer more of a style statement, Serengeti sunglasses aren’t just practical. They all hold timeless design that will never date, during inspiration from classic styles to create effortlessly flawless and simple frames that remain stylish, and comfortable no matter where you take them.

Perhaps testament to the brands desire to cater for drivers all around the world, Serengeti have recently sponsored the Jota Sport Aston Martin racing team, pushing their sunglasses into a market in which they will surely succeed. Serengeti supplied the whole Jota Sport team with their acclaimed performance styles, which were used throughout the team’s recent Le Mans 24 Hour campaign.

With their soul design purpose being on protection, Serengeti may have slipped off the style radar when compared with some other fashion led brands. However, thanks to some classically textbook styling, they have not gone amiss with some of the most famous faces in the world. Actor Jack Nicholson has been spotted in several different styles of Serengeti sunglasses, as well as Hollywood star’s Val Kilmer and Patrick Dempsey. TV series famed actor Kiefer Sutherland has also been spotted wearing Serengeti’s both on and off screen.

However, Serengeti have not just gained attention from race teams and film stars. The brand has gained international acclaim through its devotion to developing sunglass and lens technology. With awards ranging from What Car? Sunglass of the year, to the coveted Silmo d’Or, in the category for the best lens in performance and innovation, for their Polar HD lens, Serengeti is growing its name beyond the world of lens technology, as it heralds styles aimed for everyone from everyday style addicts, to those who want a serious driving sunglass, and even pilots.


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