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Bvlgari: The Serpenti Collection

The Serpenti collection creates a bond between woman and snake, granting her a fearless unity of wisdom, eternity and renewal. The bejewelled coiled serpent has been reinvented for Bulgari's watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, but the most visible accessory are the sunglasses. Perhaps a minimalistic approach to the distinctive and striking icon, the silent charm can be the most deadly. A mythological aura surrounds the aesthetically beautiful serpent's golden scales and redefines the power of femininity.

Paying homage to the iconic Serpenti watch bracelet, the Serpenti sunglasses collection bathes itself in eternal beauty. With the creative and slick curves, the vibrant combination of the coloured enamel scales are visually stunning. Reigning as a glamorous artistic piece of eyewear, Bulgari prizes its Italian elegance.

British actress, Rachel Weisz, graces the Serpenti campaign and contributes towards the mysterious yet beautiful persona. Every woman has a sensual tie towards what she considers as the beautiful and glamorous. The archetype of the snake may be known as the dangerous hypnotising creature forced to slither on its stomach, but other strong connotations establish its strength and healing properties. Bulgari is known for its signature style towards womanhood and empowers the woman with a strong glamourous spirit and removing the venomous bite of the world.



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