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The Pride of Prada


It’s one of the world’s most iconic and cherished brands, with everything leaving the doors of the Prada fashion house having a distinct air of advanced fashion.
Famed for having a reputation in crafting pieces that don’t follow trends, but set them, Prada has never been a brand that purely designs to cater for the coming seasons’ fads.

With an eclectic mix of sharp, Italian styling, premium aesthetics and luxurious finishing touches, Prada sunglasses perfectly embody the notorious fashion houses illustrious past, which spans over 100 years.

With references to the labels rich heritage running throughout the collection, take a look at some of the frames from this season’s Prada sunglass range that feature unique details to intimately chronicle an illustrious past.

Prada PR31NS Gloss Black Sunglasses

In 1919, Prada became the official supplier to the Italian Royal Household- as a result their only store at the time became a hotspot for some of the most lavishly decorated of European Aristocracy. These women’s Prada sunglasses convey the original sense of elegance and regal propriety that first gained Prada the stylish acclaim that launched it to infamy in the early 1900’s. Draped in a glossy black colour that has become indicative of premium eyewear, these frames provide the perfect backdrop for the silver Prada crest branding on the arms, which carry their own feel of style that is fit for royalty.

Prada PR01QS Spotted Brown Yellow Sunglasses

Away from their infamous repute for luxurious style, Prada have also gently nurtured a connotation with sublime leatherwork. Some of the very first Prada products, such as beauty cases, suitcases and trunks, were crafted using leather, leading to the little known Italian boutique gaining a huge reputation for intimate, chic quality.

Although the material isn’t a massive occurrence in modern eyewear, these men’s Prada sunglasses show the intricacy and detail that goes into every piece of Prada design today- just as it did when the label were busy growing a name with lavish leather products.
However, these sunglasses contrast the nature of leather as a hard wearing material, with a clear yellow bottom half resembling the sleek, clean nature of a fresh piece straight off the shelf, and a heavily textured effect at the top of the frame offering the look of a heavily used leather clad piece.

Prada PR27OS Havana Lime Green Sunglasses

Since its inception, Prada has always had a reputation for crafting styles that have defied trends. Believing in a style that is entirely their own, Prada products across their whole range have always been instantly recognizable purely from their design.

These women’s Prada sunglasses are no exception to Prada’s mission to create unique styles that lead from the front. With intricate arm detailing that is truly individual, these frames offer an instant impact on any style. Contrasting colours expand on the idea of these sunglasses being an attention grabber, whilst an oversized square frame offers a touch of classic of premium styling. Finished by understated yet elegant Prada branding, these frames are a nod to Prada striving to continue to bring striking style to modern fashion.

Prada PR17OS Pink Black Sunglasses

In its early days, Prada was run solely by men- Mario Prada, the labels founder, believed that women had no place in the running of his company. However, after his son showed no interest in following his father’s footsteps in the family business, it was his daughter, Miuccia who took over Prada as his successor- running the brand for nearly 20 years. Her input took the Italian fashion house to the next level, and along with the input from a Tuscan Businessman, Miuccia created a platform from which the Prada brand could only grow bigger and stronger.

These frames celebrate the feminine input that Mario Prada’s daughter had on the Prada brand story- bringing an unyielding and driven approach to managing the label.
With a classic frame shape that promises a sense of heritage elegance, their bright pink front ensures that a feminine look is assured. The Prada crest sits on the contrasting black arms, giving these sunglasses a luxurious blend of premium styling and fashion forward features.

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