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Jimmy Choo women sunglasses

One of the true superpowers of luxury fashion, Jimmy Choo, has been the buzzword for high end footwear, handbags and accessories for countless years. Being one of the most lusted and chased brands on the planet, Jimmy Choo has adorned some of the most famous people in the world, leading to a mad hysteria behind the brand, and a connotation of pure, unadulterated opulence. The same lavishness is continued past the loved Jimmy Choo range of footwear and bags, and into a range of sumptuous Jimmy Choo sunglasses, which carry on the brand's ethos of pure design and sheer glamour.

Before the glitz and the fame that now surround the brand, the mastermind behind the label started life on foreign shores. Born in Penang, Malaysia, Dato Jimmy Choo was born into a family of shoemakers, giving him a head start in an industry he would later take by storm. Born Jimmy Chow, the name Choo only came about when his name was spelt wrong on his birth certificate. The name stuck, and Jimmy started out life watching his father carry out his trade as a cobbler. At the age of just 11, Jimmy had plied the trade himself, and made his first pair of shoes.

After mastering all of the skills his family could offer him, Jimmy made his way to England in the early 1980’s, and attended Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, London. He scraped for money, working in restaurants, and as a cleaner in a shoe factory to help fund his education. However, he got through, and in 1983, he graduated with honours.

Three years later, Jimmy opened his first shop after renting out an old hospital building in Hackney. The space doubled up as his workshop, and soon his intricate craftsmanship, and stunning designs gained notoriety on an international stage, as his designs were featured on a record eight page spread in a 1988 edition of Vogue.

Jimmy grew an army of fiercely loyal and insatiably famous fans. From celebrities to even royalty, in the form of Princess Diana, everybody wanted to get their hands on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. It turned out that it was the special relationship that Jimmy Choo had with Vogue magazine, and the publications love for his intimate designs, that would launch him to the big time.Despite his huge rise in popularity, Jimmy was still only producing twenty pairs of shoes from his East London workshop.

In 1996, British Vogue’s accessories editor Tamara Mellon, who often asked Jimmy to make bespoke shoes for photo shoots, approached the shoe maker, sensing that there may be a bigger market for him to work in. Together, the pair founded the self titled brand. Together, they grew the business rapidly. Jimmy was involved every step of the way, despite shoe production being shipped from his own fair hands to carefully selected producers in Italy. Jimmy also bought in his wife’s niece, Sandra Choi, to become creative director of the brand. Soon after, the brand opened their first boutique store in London.

The first collection was a huge hit, with the labels typical aesthetic of luxury chic attracting even more high end clientele to the brand. Soon, Jimmy Choo designs were being spotted all over the world, from red carpet events in Hollywood, to film festivals in Cannes. By the late 1990s, Jimmy Choo had stores all over the world, from London, to Los Angeles and New York.

The brand continued to develop, and by the turn of the century, they had stores on some of the most sought after shopping streets in the world. From Rome, to Tokyo and Paris, Jimmy Choo had transformed into a global superpower. The label transformed as it grew, and offered more and more to its customers, who were hungry for more than just Jimmy Choo shoes. As a result, they began offering everything from Jimmy Choo handbags, through to perfume and Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

However, Jimmy, who remains a devout Buddhist, did not believe that bigger was better for his beloved company. He missed the traditional moral values behind his old production techniques and methods, and longed to have his hands on approach to creating high quality bespoke footwear back.
He saw that the quality in some of the brands products was somewhat lacking in comparison to how it used to be, and when he confronted his business partner over the issue, the pair fell out. Jimmy sold his stake in his self titled brand, and returned to his original workshop in Hackney, where he creates a separate line of Jimmy Choo shoes, called Jimmy Choo Couture. However, this venture is much more than just a business proposition for Jimmy. It is here that he trains his selected students in the secretive methods behind his shoe production, passing on the knowledge that he gained from his family all those years ago in Malaysia.

The Jimmy Choo legacy lives on without the brands now infamous founder, as the quality, passion and attention to detail continues to exist through everything in the brands collection. Jimmy Choo sunglasses house the same quality and craftsmanship that the brand has become synonymous with, using big, overstated frames, bold colours and fantastically individual patterns to stand out from the crowd. It is these traits that have the got the brands eyewear some serious acclaim, with celebrities from Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey to Gwen Stefani donning the famous designers frames.


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