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- A contemporary and luxurious brand promising the ultimate stylish accessory.

- A glorious tortoise yellow colouring to get you through those dark and dreary days, trustworthy for any weather condition.

- Middle of the road elegant cat eye shaped frames which won’t swing to far to the left or right when in use.

- Durable and high quality materials making reliable shades for life which hopefully won’t need to compete to share the spotlight.

- Unisex, available and appealing to all whatever your background.



- Strong dependable craftsmanship acting as the basis for any eye-catching outfit. These have been a popular choice for previous years but will it remain this way?

- A vibrant blue tinting to the lenses symbolizing trust, loyalty and stability; but is this really the case?!

- A brow bar to hide those pesky wrinkles behind the façade.

- Slightly more of an investment purchase but we promise price transparency and the most effective cost saving.

- However, will these blue beauties be able to negotiate free movement between your money and Blaze’s shopping basket.



- A green filter on the lens to block those extra UV rays resulted from global warming.

- We cannot 100% guarantee these have the smallest carbon footprint but think of every use as though you are recycling them. We believe it is the best way to justify a sneaky purchase!

- The perfect balance of functionality and trend appealing to those who live life protesting for peace.

- The perfect pair of sunglasses to blend into the foliage on a summers day walk.



- This red hot pair of sunglasses will cause outrage with their controversial oversized cat eye frames. Providing for an interesting alternative.

- These stylish frames provide perfect protection against sunlight but we can’t promise how they would stand against nuclear explosions.

- When there are multiple styles to choose from will these sunglasses with a distinctive tortoise shell pattern do it for you compared to its competitors?

- Let’s just hope these stunning ray bans don’t cause a huge deficit in your bank account.