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Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised lenses are available as an option to a standard UV lens in various models from many of the brands we stock. Read below to learn more about polarised lenses and if they are right for you.

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Reduces glare

Acting as a superb defending filter, polarised lenses reduce intense reflected glare. Visible light consists of horizontal and vertical rays, where polarised lenses favours the vertical light. Having the similar function of a window blind, the only light which passes the slitted slates is welcomed whereas the rest is blocked.

For clarity

Destroying a great view with dreary and faded colours, glare can cause painful eyestrain, irritating headaches and askew the dreams of a perfect vision. Polarised lenses offer a detailed and sharp view, avoiding those potential hazards and allowing you to be squint free.

Bright side of life

Blocking horizontal light, polarised sunglasses give you a colourful and vibrant outlook. If you are keen on fishing and other water sports, the glittering water surface can be extremely distracting, but wearing polarised sunglasses allows the water to appear darker and transparent.

Adrenaline seekers favourites

Favoured by many sportspeople and adrenaline seekers, polarised sunglasses are ideal for skiing, driving, fishing and those beach holidays as they provide a simply comfortable and clear perspective of hazardous environments. For example, driving on a wet road whilst the sunshine beams can cause a distracting glare. Polarised sunglasses helps to eliminate this and create a smooth clear drive.

100% UV protection

Wearing sunglasses allows your pupils to widen, your eyesight can be extremely vulnerable to the sun. With all our sunglasses, our polarised sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, restoring confidence to your vision.