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Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Ray-Ban sunglasses have a 75-year history of producing the world’s most iconic eyewear such as the classic Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster models.

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  • Polarised Lens Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin Classic Black Polarized Lenses Sunglasses

    RB4165 Black

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  • Ray-Ban RB4210 Wayfarer Light Ray Copper Mirror Lens Sunglasses

    RB4210 Tortoise; Gunmetal

    RRP £188

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of those rare brands with staying power. Know for their quality construction and timeless styles such as the ever-popular Aviator and Wayfarer, Ray-Ban sunglasses are still as popular today as they were over 75 years ago.

Ray Ban sunglasses first appeared in 1936, when a designer for glasses maker Bausch & Lomb created a prototype, called Anti-Glare. This was in response to the request of Lieutenant John A. Macready, whose flight in a high-altitude air balloon resulted in what the test pilot said was permanent eye damage. He specifically asked for glasses to shield against the sun’s damaging rays, but also asked for them to “look sophisticated.” Hence, a year later, B&L took out patents for the classic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses that were first made for the military, then made for public consumption...and that would soon make public consumers go wild.

Ahead of their time

What made the Ray Ban Aviator popular and still makes many Ray-Ban sunglasses favoured over other styles, was their unprecedented light weight construction, unparalleled lens quality and undeniable fashion status. Pioneering technology was used by Ray Ban to make the lenses, including using top-grade reflective green-tinted mineral glass to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun - even then recognised as dangerous, but now known as deadly - and a uniquely thin gold-plated metal frame that ran against the trend of thick, bulky and heavy frames that were then popular. It helped that the mirrored lenses provided a bit of anonymity, always good when standing guard or out in unfamiliar places.

What’s more, the military guys loved them! Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses quickly became the preferred choice among the United States Army Air Corps pilots. More notice was taken after American General Douglas MacArthur wore them while landing on the beach in the Philippine Islands in World War II. Once Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were introduced in 1952 using the first-ever plastic frames, Ray-Ban sunglasses became more popular than ever.

A look like no other

What really attracted the masses to Ray-Ban Wayfarers was their unique style points - trapezoidal in shape, but with unique cornering and frame edging. It's a look that's still sought-after by anyone wanting to look cool, yet maintain a classic image that just stands out in a crowd. Soon, stars started donning Wayfarers in droves, with movie personalities such as Marilyn Monroe and Kim Novak wearing them. After US President John F. Kennedy was photographed driving about with his own pair on, the great new style instantly got the attention of millions.

Ray Ban led the industry - again! - by making lenses impact-resistant, before most glasses hand even considered the idea. With glass lenses popular, and with military and related active use of the glasses rising, Ray Ban sunglasses were among the first to comply with the newly instituted requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for impact resistance. It helps to comply with such regulations when your products practically set the standards; this has been Ray-Ban thinking since day one. The philosophy of protecting vision, but doing it with style and panache, still drives the company, and is why Ray Ban's name is so respected, over 75 years after it was established.

Pop culture hit

Next to succumb to the Ray Ban spell was the rapidly growing pop culture scene, especially in the music industry. With greats such as Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, James Dean and others belting out tunes and making appearances in Black Wayfarers, everyone wanted to own a pair. Movie and TV product placement deals put the sunglasses all over the silver screen, with Ray Bans seen in films such as The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, Top Gun, Men in Black and many TV shows like Miami Vice and others.

British pop culture names such as Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung have helped glamorise the name and increase popularity, but Ray Ban sunglasses speak for themselves, really. The promotional “Never Hide” campaign Ray-Ban began in 2007 to raise awareness of the maker’s many new offerings again put the sunglasses to the forefront of public awareness; we all seek quality and style, even if we don’t want to admit, said the promotion, get out there and show it off. It worked, new styles grabbed our attention again, and Ray Ban styles are still as popular as ever.

Top technology

Ray Ban’s APX (or, advanced Polycarbonate) lenses are still unique by virtue of their lightness, while offering peak vision protection. Typical polycarbonate lenses are known to sometimes get stress cracks and micro cracks when placed into frames, especially durable and flexible ones. What does Ray Ban do to counter this? Again, create newer, more advanced solutions in their lenses, making them stay put in their frames like they should. The huge range of Ray Ban sunglasses styles - including stunners like the original Wayfarer Multicolour Blocks (RB2140) and the avant-garde Light Havana RB4177 - can be purchased for the lowest prices if using a quality sunglasses seller like Blaze.

Blaze has a fantastic selection of budget-pleasingly cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, with many variations of lenses, including photochromic (“transitional,” or light-alterable), polarised, updated versions of the original Ray Ban Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Wayfarer Black styles, folding sunglasses and the wildly popular but limited edition of Ray Ban RARE PRINT models (read “get yours fast!”), with the coolest patterns around, all designed for simply eye-popping, attention-getting use. Wear Ray Ban sunglasses, and you’re wearing the best! Oh, and you’re looking your best - that always helps.