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Tiffany Sunglasses

Tiffany Sunglasses

Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses come directly from one of the world’s most sought after names; a mark of invincible luxury, timeless style and elegant prosperity.

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Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses

A name which every woman on the planet has clamored to have an intimate relationship with, Tiffany & co. have forged an infamous reputation for opulence with their hedonistic mix of lavishly appointed jewelry and accessories, making them into a beacon of desire.

Steeped in history and with a strong penchant for chic design, Tiffany & Co. was founded in the late 1830’s hustle and bustle of New York City. It was a time of great excitement for all Americans, as the city became a playground for anyone with a dream, a hefty slice of imagination and a few dollars in their pocket- a concoction which proved to afford any man who walked the New York pavements to have his chance of success. Nestled in a vibrant city packed to the rafters of dreamers and hopefuls stood the young Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, who, after borrowing $1000 from Tiffany’s father, chased their own ambitions with the opening of Tiffany & Co, their ‘stationery and fancy goods’ store, on 259, Broadway.

The store proved to be a hit with the times most opulent of clientele, who instantly fell in love with Tiffany’s unmistakable style that rejected a European design led look to pursue a look that was distinctly American. In a time where patriotism was on the rise and the US nation was growing stronger, the pull of Tiffany & Co’s trademark styles, which were inspired by the forms of the natural world, were proving to be irresistible to the women of New York. Between them, Tiffany and Young gave their designs a certain harmony and clarity that was yet to be seen by the American consumer, crafting fine jewelry and antiquities from fine British silver that shone a soft glimmer against New York’s harsh streets.

1876 saw Tiffany gain international recognition for their insatiable work, winning the grand prize for craftsmanship at the Paris World’s fair. The Tiffany brand was on the up, and soon the two entrepreneurs opened America’s first school of design, encouraging its young apprentices to design the Tiffany way, and observe nature’s best forms with their creations. The expansion continued into the turn of the 20th century, as Tiffany opened across Europe, from Paris to Geneva.

The Tiffany brand had already started building a legacy that was quickly catching the world’s attention. From owning one of the world’s finest yellow diamonds, to reinventing the engagement ring of the time and giving it the modern resemblance that has today, Tiffany & Co. were the first and last word in all things that involved exclusive luxury. Mr Tiffany changed America, and the world’s perception of fine jewelry. Having introduced the US to its first major gemstones with the acquisition of the crown jewels of France and Spain, Mr Tiffany had single handedly taken Europe’s jewelry connoisseur reputation and handed it firmly in the palms of Tiffany & Co, and more importantly, America. This new image as industry leaders was cemented following a spate of awards during jewelry exhibits across Europe in the late 1800’s, when Tiffany & Co. were appointed the Royal Jeweler of the crowned heads of Europe, as well as the Ottoman Emperor and the Czar of Russia. However, in 1902, Charles Lewis Tiffany died. His son, Louis Comfort Tiffany took the reigns as the company’s Art Director. He was held in high esteem, and led the business to great heights- he even redecorated the White House on the President’s orders.

Despite the new direction of artistry that Louis Tiffany instilled, the luxurious nature of the Tiffany & Co. brand never faltered. Cherished and chased by some of America’s wealthiest families, Tiffany served a sublime range of services, from supplying diamonds to adorn dresses, to making personalized silver service dinner sets and famously selling a young Franklin Roosevelt a Tiffany engagement ring. Tiffany became interwoven with America’s modern history. Their jewelry accentuated the fabulous clothes of the White House’s First Ladies, whilst Tiffany china sat centre stage at governmental dinners. From designing America’s Congressional Medal of Honour, to redesigning the Great Seal of the United States, Tiffany became much more than a fleeting love affair of diamonds and silver, and developed into a true representation of what all Americans always dared to try and be.

Tiffany & Co. still continue their infamous work, having truly mastered their craft to become one of the most renowned and trusted jewelers in the world. Their development from a single store now sees more than 200 shop fronts baring the Tiffany name worldwide, and has led to a diverse range of products, all carrying the same sense of timeless nostalgia and intimate luxury.

One of these fresh ventures into new styles sees the release of Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. A dazzling range of eyewear that represents the opulence and lavish connotations of one of the world’s true designer super powers, Tiffany sunglasses are set to be the must have women’s accessory for seasons to come. Staying true to Tiffany’s original penchant of design that observes and reflects nature, this eclectic range incorporates the glitzy nature of the Tiffany & Co. brand, with high shine materials and an allure of silver touches.